XWiki Hackathon 2012

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This page is supposed to contain the organization and result of the Hackathon 2012.

Thread on the list: http://markmail.org/thread/ykefmvbhvtdwr3f2


  • Start date: 20th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the start
  • End date: 27th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the end
  • Gathering results: from 28th to 6th of August. Everyone who participated should reply to the end of hackathon mail with what they did and post their stuff on http://extensions.xwiki.org or elsewhere
  • On around the 6th of August we'll have a blog post written on xwiki.org summarizing all that was done by everyone


  • Blog post with results and names of all participants
  • XWiki T-shirt
  • Post your result on the Extension Wiki for everyone to be able to see and install them in your XWiki instance

Selected Topics

TopicMembersCurrent status (2013-02-09)
Auto complete in wiki editor for VelocityVincent, EduardNot published on e.x.o yet cancel but available in xwiki-contrib accept
XEclipse revampFabio, Thomashelp
Rules based system to handle standard events (with UI)Anca, Guillaume L. and Guillaume D.Not published anywhere cancel
Fix/Improve user and picker fieldsLudovic, Raluca S, Sergiu, Mirceaavailable in platform accept
PDF export improvementsSergiu, Max, Oanahelp
Concurrent editingMarius, Eduard, Caty, Ludovic, Oananot available anywhere yet cancel
AdminTools improvementsFlavius, Raluca M., Jean, Sergiu as expert advisor, Mircea as linux platformhelp
Create VMs automatically with vagrant/veewee/puppet/etcSorin, GuillaumeFavailable in xwiki-contrib accept
Publish AppWithinMinutes App to Extension RepoMarius, Benjamin & Nicolasavailable in e.x.o accept
Wiki Components / UI ExtensionsJV, Thomasin platform accept
XWiki Logging UIThomas, JV, Guillaume Fin platform accept
Mobile Application Offline EditingLudovichelp
CRaSH console integrationJeromeavailable in e.x.o accept
HTML5 file upload with progress barMartain platform accept


Ideas that were suggested:

  • Vincent ideas for hackathon topics he's considering doing:
    • Auto complete in wiki editor
    • New Model + implement using Git
    • Form Macro to create forms. See also XWIKI-1515
    • Create VMs automatically with vagrant/veewee/puppet/etc
    • Zaplet, see XWIKI-1516
    • Gliffy integration
    • Interface Extension
    • Add Action module to replace Struts and allow extensions to contribute new Actions + support pre/post/around actions
    • Report active XE instances, see http://xwiki.markmail.org/thread/gowutjcrfr62mq6t
    • PDF Export using new Rendering
    • Community Dashboard with a dashboard showing:
      • Latest Commits / Top Committers (per week / month / all time)
      • Latest mails / Top mailers (per week / month / all time)
      • Latest extensions / Top extension contributors (per week / month / all time)
      • Latest translations / Top translators (per week / month / all time)
      • Latest articles + blog posts + conferences about XWiki / Top writers/presenters (per week / month / all time)
      • Latest jiras / Top JIRA Reporter + Top JIRA closer
  • Jérôme:
  • Fabio (I will focus on XEclipse but other ideas could be interesting if somebody is willing to try emoticon_smile) :
    • XEclipse revamp + release
      • Integrating and polishing REST backend
      • Use the new E4 platform (just released with Juno) and leverage new E4 features such as dependency injection and global event bus to simplify code and components (a 3.x compatibility layer will be used in order to make XEclipse UI components usable in the workbench)
      • Use Xtext for generating editors and all the associated features such as autocompletion, etc.
    • Adding Clojure as a supported language in page scripts
  • Thomas (just ideas, not sure on what I want to work on yet)
    • light LDAP client to LDAP admin UI (i.e. validate everything we put in the LDAP admin UI on the fly and make suggestions)
    • velocity debugging in XWiki: open a popup with the source of the currently executed velocity and allow to pause, examine the velocity context, step by step etc. (need to check if velocity have the require hook to do step by step first) +1 ludovic
    • extension repository handler for Pypi (http://pypi.python.org/pypi). The idea is to make easy to install a Python library.
    • JMX based UI to setup log (enable/disable some log from the wiki without restarting it)
    • continue work on wiki stream (priority is database importer module)
  • Sergiu
    • A lot of PDF export improvements
    • HTML5 file uploads
  • Ludovic
    • Fix/Improve user and picker fields
    • XWQL livetable
    • AppWithinMuinutes publish Application to extension repository
    • Email/Comments/Annotations real-time connection
    • Apply Modification Annotation
    • Fix Annotations in AppWithinMinutes+New Sheet system
    • Update SVGMacro to latest SVGEdit code
    • Edit XWiki Tables with JQuery.Sheet or Google SpreadSheet
    • Improve/Commit Mobile Skin prototype
    • Improve Mobile/Desktop App prototype to add Offline editing support and merging
    • Improvements to REST API to run query, ordering, additional fields
    • Build an API portal to access Javadoc of all APIs in XWiki with a pointer to the relevant velocity/groovy object

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