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14:40 <[1]jer> Hi all
14:56 <@cjdelisle> howdy
15:08 <vmassol> gsauthier: so, were you able to do what you wanted the other day?
15:09 <vmassol> are you planning to contribute something on (or elsewhere)?
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15:21 <[1]jer> I create a new extension for xwiki, it seems to work ;)
15:21 <vmassol> [1]jer: nice, what type of extension?
15:21 <[1]jer> Before my first release I have two or three questions ...
15:22 <[1]jer> For MantisBt
15:22 <[1]jer>
15:24 <vmassol> nice
15:24 <[1]jer> At first it allows me to access the SOAP service MantisBT.
15:24 <vmassol> does Mantis offer a REST API too?
15:24 <vmassol> I see
15:25 <vmassol> so it doesn't seem built in AFAIU
15:26 <[1]jer> It isn't up to date ... It use an old Mantis version.
15:26 <vmassol> ok, so the Mantis official remote access is soap?
15:29 <vmassol> btw I've looked at your code and it's very clean and you're using all xwiki's best practices so that's pretty cool ;)
15:29 <[1]jer> For now yes, but in the future they will add the rest access
15:29 <vmassol> ok, I was asking about REST since with our {{groovy}}¬†script it's very easy to call REST services
15:29 <[1]jer> I try to do that ;)
15:30 <[1]jer> but I have questions about best practices
15:30 <vmassol> sburjan` is creating a new JIRA macro (which is almost ready). It would be great to have the same for mantis in the future
15:30 <vmassol> ok shoot!
15:31 <[1]jer> I known for xwiki groovy and rest integration, a very good xwiki stuff ;)
15:32 <vmassol> [1]jer: what's your name btw so that I recognize you on the mailing list or on the web? (your nick isn't very revealing ;))
15:32 <[1]jer> I dont like my maven dependencies unpack .... for xwiki extension
15:32 <vmassol> let me check your pom
15:33 <[1]jer> I like my groupid but it isn't very common
15:33 <vmassol> why are you doing that?
15:34 <vmassol> yeah your groupid isn't correct, org.xwiki is reserved to the xwiki project dev ;)
15:34 <vmassol> what I'd suggest is to use org.xwiki.contrib
15:34 <vmassol> see
15:35 <vmassol> why do you unpack your dependency?
15:35 <[1]jer> I known github xwiki-contrib but not this url .... :(
15:37 <vmassol> is it because you want to package all transitive deps in one jar for easy deployment?
15:38 <vmassol> if so you don't need to do that anymore
15:38 <[1]jer> just the mantis soap client jar
15:38 <vmassol> since we now have the extension manager which can install extensions on running xwiki
15:38 <[1]jer> to have all in one archive
15:38 <vmassol> (and it handles transitive deps)
15:39 <vmassol> it's a new feature available in 3.2 and we're writing a nicer UI for it in 3.3
15:39 <vmassol> but it's usable in 3.2 already
15:39 <vmassol> see for more details
15:40 <[1]jer> Ok thanks this, I will try to respect
15:43 <[1]jer> This plugin is my first contact with the xwiki code , and it's a real pleasure to do that ;) good job for the xwiki team
15:43 <vmassol> thanks! :)
15:44 <vmassol> feel free to give us feedback about we could/should improve
15:45 <vmassol> [1]jer: so you don't want to give me your name?
15:48 <vmassol> [1]jer: would be great if you could publish your extension on when you have a first version you're satisfied with
15:49 <[1]jer> Ok, I clean my code and read for that
15:49 <[1]jer> bye
15:49 <vmassol> great, bye
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