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Paper Cuts project

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As you probably know, the Ubuntu team has started the project "One Hundred Paper Cuts".
They define a paper cut as:

  • a bug, or an unintended problem occurring within an existing piece of software,
  • the presence of which makes a computer more difficult or less pleasant to use,
  • that is easy to fix,
  • that the average user would encounter during his/her first day of using

XWiki is a great software but it contains also a lot of "paper cuts". Such little but annoying bugs or usability issues would be a great entry point for new XWiki developers, because they are easy to fix. But also experienced XWiki committers could relax fixing these paper cuts after their hard work. emoticon_wink

Current state

So far we have identified some easy-to-fix bugs and marked them as easy in JIRA. We could decide that the trivial category we have corresponds to paper cuts:

See also the JIRA task XWIKI-4375.


Here's some work to be done:

  • Review existing issues and verify the difficulty is correctly set
  • Add these custom fields to all projects in JIRA
  • Prepare a page on to explain this Paper Cut thing
  • Promote it on the XWiki mailing lists, twitter, etc

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