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Task 1: Local tools setup

Ok you've decided that you want to contribute to XWiki. Then you should set up your development environment in the same way as the XWiki committers do!

In practice you need to:

If you have questions feel free to ask on the chat.

Task 2: Build XWiki

Just to get the kick of it, let's try to build some modules of XWiki:

  1. Navigate to your xwiki-platform folder and run git pull to have the latest sources
  2. Navigate to xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-distribution/xwiki-platform-distribution-flavor/xwiki-platform-distribution-flavor-jetty-hsqldb and build it with mvn clean install
  3. Execute XWiki by doing the following:
    1. Navigate to target/ directory and unzip the generated xwiki-platform-distribution-flavor-jetty-hsqldb-<version>.zip file
    2. Navigate inside the unzipped content and run sh
    3. Open your browser and point it to http://localhost:8080. Verify that XWiki initializes and displays the home page

Task 3: Contribute

There are various ways to contribute to XWiki. Pick one that you're interested in.

Code Contribution

We suggest you pick some Onboarding issue from our issue tracker and that you start implementing it.

Please follow our coding standard and practices as much as possible but don't worry if you make mistakes, you'll send a Pull Request and some committer will review it, helping you along the way emoticon_wink

You can also find some instructions on the Contributing page.

Make especially sure to follow our JIRA practices and that the code passes the code acceptance criteria.

Task 4: Join the Forum

It's generally a good idea to join the forum where the core committers and contributors talk about the XWiki product (features, APIs, future, events organization, etc.).


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