Task 1: Use AWM

Application With Minutes (a.k.a AWM) is an XWiki extensions bundled by default in XWiki Standard and that you can use to create some small data applications in your wiki.

In this task use it to create a small application such as a Holiday Request Application that will have the following fields:

  • A start date (Date)
  • A number of days (int)
  • An employee (User)
  • A status (Static list) with the following statuses: Pending, Accepted, Refused
  • A manager (User) to validate the request

If you have problems, check the FAQ tutorial which does something similar.

Task 2: Export your application

Now that you have a first version of your application running in your XWiki instance, let's export it as a XAR and extract the various XML files making it into a Maven-based directory structure so that you can build your extension with Maven.

To help you do this, check the Creating Extension tutorial.

Task 3: Understand XWiki concepts

AWM has made it simple to create your first application but it's cheating a bit since it's doing all the work of generating the various wiki pages for you. Now in this task you'll start from scratch and re-implement the Holiday Request app but without AWM! emoticon_smile

To do that you need to understand the concepts of XClass, XObjects, XProperties, Sheets and Templates. To do that, start by following the advanced FAQ tutorial. Once you've finished it, start implementing the same for your Holiday Request app.


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