• Basith Abdul
    Basith Abdul, 2013/07/28 11:01

    I'm using apache-httpd server 2.4.3 version and I'm trying to do the proxy configuration for xwiki. And I'm facing the following problem.
    [Sun Jul 28 14:20:39.706154 2013] [access_compat:error] [pid 13040:tid 1099843904] [client X.X.X.X:36259] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: X:7280/xwiki/bin/view/Main/

    Am I missing something ? A brief help will be appreciated.

    • Thomas Mortagne
      Thomas Mortagne, 2013/10/29 11:06

      As indicated in the page itself, comments is not the place to ask question. Please send a mail to the mailing list or go to IRC channel.

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