Discussion: Comparing XWiki to other solutions 

XWiki competitors list

Here is the list of XWiki competitors coming from the community:

Name Editor Type Licence Links Pros and Cons against XWiki Kind of competition
Confluence Atlassian Wiki  Website Direct
Foswiki  Foswiki communityWiki GPL2 or laterWebsite very similar to XWiki: wiki+ structured data + programmable pages. Claims to have best-in-class security and WYSIWYG.  Direct 
TWiki  Wiki  Website 
DekiWiki Mindtouch  Wiki  Website  
MediaWiki  Wiki  Website  Direct
TikiWiki  Wiki  Website  
CubeTree  Wiki  Website  
Drupal  CMS  Website  Medium
Exo Platform Exo CMS  Article   Indirect
Social Text  CMS  Website  
Jive Jive Software Discussion  Website  Complementary
Google Site Google CMS  Website  Indirect
Google Docs Google DMS  Website  Direct
BlueKiwi  Discussion  Website  Direct
Joomla  CMS  Website  
Moodle  Education CMS  Website  
Elgg  Social Network  Open SourceWebsite  
OpenCMS  CMS  Website  
Knowledge Plaza    Website  
Jamespot Pro  Social Network  Website  
Yoolink Pro  Social Network  Website  
SeeMy  Social Network  Website  
Teamshaker  Social Network  Website  
Liferay  Groupware  Website  
BlackBoard    Website  
Alfresco  CMS  Website  
Personall  Portal  Website  
Jalios  Social network  Website  
Silverpeas  Portal Open Source Website  
Portaneo  Portal Open Source Website  
Lotus Notes IBM Groupware  Website  Direct
SharePoint Microsoft Groupware  Website 
  • Pos:
    • Integrated as filesystem in Microsoft Office suite
  • Cons:
    • More an HTTP file-system than content manager

Known comparison sites

Known used criterias to compare solutions

Criteria Weight Comment
Backend system requirements critical 
Extensibility very high The ability to add features through some sort of add ons.
WYSIWYG Editor / Ease of access very high 
Usability and ergonomy very high 
MS Office Import Feature very high The ability to import Documents,Spreadsheets, etc directly to the wiki as a page
Performance / Resources in client high The efficient use of web technology to keep the impact lw on the end user device. Important for the ever increasing mobile device population. Efficient use of database resources
Cost high The cost of not only the software but also the cost of the implementation and operational costs after implementation
Search high Ability to search not just pages, but also attachments
User Management high Ease of setup of new users, integration to directory services, such as OpenLDAP, OpenID, Facebook, Microsoft AD
Consulting / Professional support / Training high Availability of resources locally and via the internet for any services to support a wiki
Attachments, images, etc. high Easy of attaching single and multiple images, and other attachments, creating galleries, adding to galleries
Maintenance of the backend high Log Management, Database management
Branding medium Ability to and ease of adding logo's and other artifacts such as colours to create a desired effect
Categories medium 
Templates (for Site Layout) medium 
PDF Export medium 
Themes, Skins, Customizations low 
Versioning low 
Plug-Ins low 
Latex formulas low 
Comments low 
Unicode Support (e.g. for Chinese characters) low 
Localization low 
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Created by Gregory GUENEAU on 2011/01/04 17:26

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