XWiki Guidelines for Google Code-In

Last modified by Simon Urli on 2023/10/10 12:04

Getting started with the XWiki community

We're currently preparing an Onboarding site for newcomers.

The general starting point for anyone new to the XWiki community and interested in helping out would be the page on Contributing.

It can be a bit overwhelming at first when going through all the online documentation for developers available at http://dev.xwiki.org

Of course, for any specific questions feel free to ask.

To learn about how XWiki is developed (tools, practices, SCM organization, etc), check the dev wiki.

For understanding how XWiki works, check the Architecture.

Conditions for success

It's very important to us that you communicate well with the XWiki community by using the shared channels (instead of pinging mentors individually). This allows all mentors to be able to reply to all questions and for students to see answers from all other questions and get faster response times to their questions.

Get Connected