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An Android application which offer easy edition and navigation in a wiki.

Two separated packages:

  • an Android library which offer an API to make easier for an application to communicate with XWiki (using REST behind the scene probably): it's maybe the most important part on the long term, would be great for any kind of android application to synchronize its datas with an XWiki instance so that it can be shared between several phones
  • an Android application with at least the following
    • navigate between wikis, spaces and pages
    • edit page source
    • edit page objects/classes
    • some way to view the page rendered (at the minimum a link to launch the browser on the proper page)
    • should be possible to continue edit the page and save it when there is no connection (it will be synchronized latter when the connexion come back)
Nice to have:
  • integrated view of the page
  • rights/groups/users management UI
Chamika Weerasinghe
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Some Android development knowledge.
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Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2011/03/09 18:41

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