XWiki @ Google Summer of Code 2024

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This page hosts information and project ideas for the open source project XWiki related to the Google Summer of Code 2024 mentorship program.

About GSoC

You can learn a lot about the program by reading the GSoC FAQ. The timeline of this year's edition is given here.

Getting Started

As a new GSoC Contributor candidate, you're probably looking for this section! Please read it carefully (and the linked resources) before asking for guidance or where to start. It applies to all proposed projects and it covers many topics asked by newcomers.

  1. Being part of the XWiki community means knowing our rules and practices.
  2. As a GSOC Contributor or candidate, you need to make sure you read and apply our guidelines. It also contains suggested way of getting to know the XWiki project and its community. This is where you find out what you need to get up to speed with developing extensions or making changes to the XWiki product.

Please do not skip this part. Don't be that person joining the community and asking "where do I start?". This is your first test you need to pass emoticon_smile

Application template

When applying for one of our projects, please provide this information about yourself and the project you choose in the application which you submit to Google.

Proposed Projects (0)

You can contribute to this list! We encourage would-be mentors to propose ideas or even to revive old ideas from the previous years, but, if you do, make sure to assign yourselves as mentors for the proposed project. Proposals without mentors will be discarded, as we have learned from previous years that they are counter-productive.

Candidate Contributors are also encouraged to propose projects, but make sure you first present and discuss your idea on the forum (dev category) and that they find a mentor interested in the idea who should then be assigned to the project proposal.

We also recommend candidates interested in joining XWiki for GSoC 2024 to manifest themselves as early as possible so that we can start working with them on this project list. Communication is the key to success at GSoC!

Mentors (0)

The following community members are assigned to mentor the proposed projects:

Contact us

You can ask for more information about each project proposal and interact with the community and mentors through the usual communication channels: forum or the Matrix channel.

What's next after GSOC?

First and foremost: Thank you for having participated to XWiki!

We want to keep you in the community for as long as possible. We understand that you may have school projects to carry on and won't have the time to continue participating much immediately after GSOC. However, we're really keen to see you coming back to this community when things settle a bit more and you get some time again.

Here's some visibility and ideas of what's next after you've completed a GSOC project and opportunities you may have:

  • You could be voted as Committer
  • You could get hired by one of the companies doing some business on top of the XWiki project
  • Become a Google Code-In mentor
  • You could propose a school project, PhD, etc about XWiki to your teachers!
  • You'll be able to add a nice line to your CV about having participated to an open source project emoticon_smile
  • You can ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc about your work as a GSOC Contributor
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Your name on the Hall of Fame
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Receive an XWiki GSOC t-shirt
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be sponsored to take about XWiki at conferences
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be able to implement some bounties for XWiki and get paid for it
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be invited to physically participate to an XWiki conference

Org Admin Resources

If you are one of this year's XWiki Organization Administrators, make sure to check out the Organization Admin Guide.

Previous GSoC editions

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