GSoC Contributor Application Form

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Google Summer of Code sample Contributor Application Form

Please try to answer these guiding questions when you write your Google Summer of Code application for an XWiki project.

Contact information

  • Your Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Any professional/resume or personal/blog URLs you would like to list:

XWiki Community Presence

  • XWiki Chat (matrix/IRC) Name and ID:
  • XWiki Forum profile URL:
  • GitHub profile URL:
  • XWiki Jira profile URL:


  • Project Name: One of the suggestions, or your own idea
  • Project Description: Your own description of the project and why you think it's interesting. Do not just copy the project's description.
  • If you would be willing and able to do other projects instead, which ones?
  • Please describe why you are interested in this specific project:
  • Please describe a tentative project architecture or an approach to it: Important! You need to prove that you understand the project and that you have taken the time to analyze what needs to be done.
  • Please detail an expected project plan and timeline with milestones: Important! You need to prove that you have realistic goals and understanding of your own ability to successfully complete the project you want to take on.

Technical skills

  • Please describe in a few lines your Java/Javascript/Web knowledge or experience (if any):
  • Please describe any Velocity/Hibernate/Database experience (if any):
  • Please describe any XWiki experience (if any):
  • Please describe any other projects that you've worked on in the past, preferably with code samples (if any):
  • Please provide proof (as links) of completion for the points below, without which you have a very low chance of being selected ( !!! ).
    • Project tasks (if any are available on the page of the project you are applying to):
    • General XWiki jira issues for which you have submitted and got accepted fixes (in the form of Pull Requests) before the application period deadline:

Open Source

  • Why are you interested in Open Source development?
  • Please describe any previous Open Source development experience:

Background & education

  • What school do you attend?
  • What is your specialty/major at the school?
  • How many years have you attended there?

Summer plans

  • What city/country will you be spending this summer in?
  • How much time do you expect to have for this project?
  • Please list jobs, summer classes, and/or vacations that you'll need to work around:

GSoC Experience

  • Did you participate in a previous Summer of Code project? If so (and it wasn't XWiki), please describe your project and experience:
  • Have you applied for or do you plan to apply for any other Google Summer of Code projects? If so, which ones?
  • Why did you decide to apply for Google Summer of Code?
  • Why did you decide to apply for an XWiki project?

And finally...

  • ... in 2 sentences, why should we take YOU?

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