Android XWiki authenticator and contact synchronization

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The idea is to integrate a wiki instance in Android accounts.

The main use case is to get all the contact of your company/association intranet automatically synchronized on your phone so that you don't have to use a browser, go to your intranet, login and search form some user to see if he entered his phone in his profile. The other important part is to make sure this is as integrated and as standard as possible from Android point of view and allow other applications to use registered XWiki authenticators to access an XWiki instance without the need for the user to give the password to that application.

In Android parameters add a XWiki account and get a form to indicate the instance URL, a user and a password (or even anonymous for public wikis) and get automatic synchronization of XWiki users in the Android contacts.

Some work in that direction started on but never get finished so the best would probably to start from this.

Developer profile
  • REST
  • Android dev




01 April-07 AprilRequirement AnalysisCommunicate with our community in irc and mail list, Analyze the development requirement of this android project and choose the dev platform(android studio, support 4.1+).
07 April-22 AprilPreliminary Learning

Study the principle of AccountManager, learn some sample(google's SyncAdapterSample) and make some UI(Material Design) and Service demos. According to the requirement, I will also learn XWiki application interface(restful api and solr query) and write sample application to connect with server using httpclient or httpurlconnection.

25 April- 29 AprilV0.3 Designing and CodingDesign the solution to this project, make document and start coding. Plan to complete material design, the main structure, the custom http library and using restful apis to communicate with xwiki server. Test unit functions and repair bugs. 
02 May-10 MayV0.5 Coding

Plan to complete the authenticator function and the third-party authdemo app .  Test this unit function with two third-party apps of different signatures. Start coding the synchronization fuction including the signing in, signing up, editing contact .etc.

11 May-20 MayV0.7 Coding
Plan to complete the synchronization of contacts, editing the contact and updating the settings.
Use jenkins to build automatically this android app and use jira to record the issues.
23 May-27 MayV0.8 Testing
and Coding

Fix bugs, finish issues, test functions and review code, like canceling all the aynctask when ondestroy, updating settings and process of signup, figuring out the security issues, handling some small issues.etc.  

29 May-17 JuneV1.0 Coding,
Use the google play store to distribute the alpha or beta test app. Write design and extension documents and project progress. Test and fix bugs. Plan to make a stable version V1.0 before mid-term. learn some other interesting issues for next project.
20 June-27 JuneMid-termSubmit mid-term evaluations.
01 July - 30 JulyV1.1, Coding and TestContinue Coding, test function and repair bugs
1 August-14AugustV1.2,Coding,Test and optimizationOptimize the project code and make document. Maybe get some new idea to improve the user experience
15August-23AugustFinal weekTidy my code, improve documentation and complete my code
23August-29AugustFinal submitMentors submit final student evaluations

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