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Title: XWiki is applying for GSoC 2024. Proposals and mentors needed!
Category: News & Events
Tags: gsoc

Hello, fellow XWiki community members!

This year, XWiki is planning to participate once more at [Google's Summer of Code](

The organization registration period has already started and the deadline is [<date and hour in UTC format>]( (<time left in weeks or days>).

1. We need to provide by then a list of proposals and assign mentors that are willing to guide the GSoC Contributors that are going to implement them.

I would like to ask everybody that wants to participate as a mentor ([and is eligible]( for the XWiki organization to [review the proposals list]( (currently <current number> proposals) and add as many interesting proposals as possible.

The proposals can be either new, or they can be revived from previous years. Just [navigate to the previous years](, find the proposal you like and know about, go to its proposal page (click it) and press the "Clone to this year" link. Now you can assign yourself as lead for that project, update it's description if needed and wait for the Contributors applications to start pouring :)

2. If you feel that you would like to help on improving XWiki's GSoC guides and application forms, please find [guidelines for Contributors]( on XWiki's GSoC page, the [Contributors application form]( and the [lessons learned from the previous years](

Thanks for your help,
<Org Admin's name>

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