Project name
Anti Vandalism Filters
  • Sergiu Dumitriu
    Sergiu Dumitriu
    Sergiu Dumitriu dev
Estimated workload
3 months
In a closed environment, like a private intranet, the access rules and restricted registration allow a site adiministrator to control what each user can do inside the wiki. However, an open wiki with public access can easily become the target of spam bots and malicious users, which cannot be excluded while still maintaining the open characteristic.

The idea of this project is to enable prevention and recovery techniques aimed at reducing the number of vandals that can damage the wiki. For example, some prevention mechanisms include:

  • A better CAPTCHA integration
  • Detection of clients making mass requests
  • Detection of bad edits based on the entered text
  • Integration with an anti-spam service that lists "bad" IPs
Recovery mechanisms basically include mass revert of edits and document deletions from a given IP or username.
Developer profile
  • Good Java programming
  • Experience with using Java libraries
  • Familiar with the XWiki code
  • Design Patterns
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2009/03/07 13:42

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