Calendar Application

Last modified by Chanika on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

2 months


The previous Event Calendar in XWiki was very basic: in a monthly view, it would allow to add and display events stored as XWiki objects in the calendar's wiki document. This application was removed from the default distribution of XWiki Enterprise, as it did not meet the quality and usability requirements.

We wish to recreate the Event Calendar application, such that it would allow to:

  • display day, week, month, year view for the calendar
  • store the event objects anywhere in the wiki
  • have a friendly UI for adding, changing and filtering events
  • import events from the old version event calendar.
  • support microformats
  • export in standard formats (ical)

The application should have a friendly AJAX UI, but should also be somewhat functional in browsers without JavaScript. It must be easily skinnable through CSS.

Developer profile


  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript libraries
  • CSS
  • web interface design and usability

Would be nice:

  • XWiki data model
  • HQL or SQL
  • Domain driven design




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