Chart.js Integration

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10 14:43

Estimated workload

175 hours (Medium size project)


Create an XWiki extension that integrates Chart.js. The idea is simple: be able to generate nice charts with data coming from the wiki. The following features could be interesting:

  • A wiki syntax macro to display a chart inside a wiki page. This should be similar to the existing Chart Macro, but the chart should be generated with Chart.js obviously.
  • Support for various chart sources (where the data comes from): wiki syntax table (in-line or from a different wiki page), SQL query, etc.
  • Visual chart editor (live preview when modifying the chart source or the chart parameters)
  • User interface to manage the charts:
    • Integration with the Create Wiki Page wizard to create a new chart
    • List existing charts, edit/delete them
Developer profile

The developer should have good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. A decent level of Java and SQL is needed for collecting the data for the charts.





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