Links are central to wikis and to the web in general. Not once users have complained that the current link wizard from the WYSIWYG page content editor has limitations. We need a new UI that speeds up and eases the process or creating links.

Links can target internal wiki entities like wiki pages, attachments, users or groups and also external resources from the web or from the network in general. The process of creating a link has two main steps: choosing the link target and configuring the link. The new UI should offer an easy way to search/filter the possible link targets. The link configuration step should provide good defaults so that most of the time it's enough to simply choose the link target.

The new linking UI should be reusable outside of the WYSIWYG content editor, especially from the wiki content editor.



Developer profile

Good knowledge of web technologies: JavaScript (Prototype.js is a plus), CSS, HTML. Passionate about UI/UX design is a plus.



Created by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2012/03/09 09:33

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