Demo Flavors

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Estimated workload

175 hours (Medium size project)




Work on several Demo Flavors for XWiki. A Flavor is a set of XWiki Extensions working together to achieve a goal. The idea here is to propose several Demo Flavors for common usages of XWiki in order to show users how XWiki can be used to achieve these usages.

Goals & Ideas

  • Identify several commons usages for XWiki. There are already some design pages that exist on this, see Flavor design. The idea is to offer some very specific flavors (not generic flavors) so that the Demo can be specific and directive / self-explanatory
  • For example, you could imagine a Demo flavor for using XWiki for managing a Bike Shop. The idea would be to:
    • Write a small Applications Within Minutes application
    • Provide a simple skin and color theme for the Bike Shop
    • Install some existing Extensions that are useful for the Bike Shop use case, for example the Calendar application to manage deliveries of Bikes, or the Task Manager Application to organize tasks needed to manage the Bike Shop.
    • Write several wiki pages and provide demo content to simulate real content. Also provide content pages to explain how the demo is created using existing XWiki Extensions & technologies
  • Write several small Demo flavors, depending on the size of the flavors chosen and the time available.
  • Keep in mind that the goal is to demonstrate XWiki Extensions and Technologies so that users understand that XWiki is not just a wiki and can be used to implement applications.


  • Existing Demo Flavor. The idea is that it's too generic and should be replaced by smaller and more focused demos with demo content.
Developer profile

Useful knowledge:

  • Putting oneself in user's shoes
  • Usability and UI design to make some nice-looking demos
  • English for writing content
  • Imagination! emoticon_smile
  • Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Velocity




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