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Project name
XOffice - Add Excel and PowerPoint addins
Estimated workload

3 months

  • Office importer is a XWiki application and a platform module that allows the user to import office documents in XWiki.
  • XOffice is a XWiki.org project that integrates Microsoft Word with XWiki.
    Currently XOffice only contains add-ins for Word 2003,2007, and 2010. Two more add-ins can be added  to PowerPoint and Excel. The primary purpose of the add-ins would be to export the documents to XWiki.
  • Add the office importer functionality to the REST or XmlRpc API.
  • Refactor XOffice to better suite future add-ins
  • Create the Excel Add-in
    • Export excel documents to xwiki by using office importer or use office preview
    • Automatic detection of editable tables in xwiki pages & content updating
  • Create the PowerPoint add-in
    • Export presentations to xwiki by using office importer/preview
Developer profile

- Good knowledge of both of java and .net.
- Experience with at least one IOC/Dependency injection framework
- Experience with front end web technologies
- Knowledge of web-services
Nice to have:
- VSTO experience





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