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This message is to be sent on the forum before the first evaluation period starts.
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Title: Reminder: First evaluation deadline on <date> (in W weeks)
Category: Development
Tags: gsoc

Hello, GSoC contributors and mentors.

I would like to remind you that the **first evaluation** deadline is approaching at the end of next week. Below is an extract from the [timeline](

    June 29 18:00 UTC Mentors and contributors can begin submitting Phase 1 evaluations
    July 3 18:00 UTC Phase 1 Evaluation deadline

As a result, please make sure contributors talk to their mentors and make sure they are prepared and understand what is expected from them in order to successfully pass the evaluation.

Now would be a good time to review the [Contributor Guidelines]( and make sure that the contributors are on track with the deliverables expected from them, specifically:
- That they have [documented their progress](
- Before each coding period ends, each contributor must **release** a functioning, easily installable and testable version of their work so far.

Very important:
Do not forget to actually **fill out the evaluation**, when asked by Google, as not doing so (either by the contributor or the mentor) will cause the contributor to be failed by default, even if they did a great job so far. So *both* mentors and contributors need to fill in evaluations, and not only mentors!

Hope you're having a great time, learning and building cool stuff!

-The XWiki Development Team

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