Project name
LiveData Macro
Estimated workload

3 months


A LiveTable Macro written in velocity and JavaScript was introduced in XWiki 1.9. Its most common use case is displaying a table of documents that contains an XWiki Object of a certain class, enriched with a live filtering feature.

The aim of this GSoC project is to extend and improve this component:

  • Make it a 2.0 wiki macro instead of a velocity macro (we're talking of a full re-design from scratch and a full rewrite)
  • Make it work "decently" without JavaScript -- at the moment, no data is displayed unless JavaScript is enabled
  • Allow other displays besides table: tree, free format rows...
  • Allow to edit the displayed data
Developer profile

Must know:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (advanced);
  • at least one templating or scripting language (velocity, PHP, JSP, ruby, etc.)

Would be nice:

  • XWiki API;
  • SQL, HQL





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