Mid-Term Evaluation Reminder Mail

Last modified by Eduard Moraru on 2016/06/24 14:01

Subject: [GSoC] [Reminder] Mid-term evaluation deadline is <deadline>

This email is to be sent on the list once the mid-term evaluations period has started.

Hello to our GSoC <year> students and mentors,

According to GSoC`s rules, both the student and the mentor need to fill out the period evaluation form.

Failure to do so on either side results in the exclusion of the student from the program. More details in the GSoC student's guide [1].

So please make sure that you don`t forget to fill in your evaluation form before the deadline (less than <days> days left)!

Hope you`re enjoying your GSoC experience with XWiki so far.

-The XWiki Development Team

[1] http://write.flossmanuals.net/gsocstudentguide/evaluations/

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