Photo Album Application

Last modified by Marta Girdea on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

3 months


The previous Photo album in XWiki was very basic, allowing only to create albums with a description, add photos without any information attached to them and browse through these photos in simple manner. This application was removed from the default distribution of XWiki Enterprise, as it did not meet the quality and usability requirements.

We wish to recreate this application, with the following features:

  • creation of albums, with additional data attached to them: title, description, date(s), location
  • adding and managing photos and information about them (such as description, date, location, author, camera information, etc); could be done automatically by reading EXIF information from the photos
  • view as thumbnails and slideshow (with adjustable timer and with manual browsing) - see also the new Gallety Macro
  • migration tool from the old version photo albums.

The application should have a friendly AJAX UI, but should also be functional in browsers without JavaScript. Il must be easily skinnable through CSS.

In addition to the client side UI, some interesting features requiring platform changes would be:

  • uploading an archive that contains several photos, and automatically extract the photos from it (as opposed to uploading the photos one by one).
  • better tags implementation, allowing to tag attachments
  • better comment implementation, allowing to associate comments with an attachment

More modern features based on the upcoming HTML5 standard could be:

Developer profile


  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript libraries
  • Cross browser compatibilities
  • web interface design and usability

Would be nice

  • some basic knowledge about the XWiki data model




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