Putting the Query plugin and JCR storage back on track

Last modified by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2008/03/06 05:08

Project name
Putting the Query plugin and JCR storage back on track

XWiki has a JCR storage, written as another SoC project. Unfortunately, since nobody was using it, as JCR was not as popular back then, it was unmaintained and soon became deprecated.

Of course, it cannot be used unless there is a common query language that can be used for both the current hibernate-based storage and the JCR storage. Fortunately, there is another component called the QueryPlugin that can be used. Another SoC project, it was also left to rot.

The idea of this project is to:

  • Get the JCR storage up to date with the recent changes in the Hibernate storage
  • Check the status of the QueryPlugin and update it accordingly
  • Replace the direct usage of HQL queries and Hibernate with calls to the query plugin
  • Document the new way of working with queries
  • Add tests that check that the Query plugin continues to work
  • Add tests that check that the JCR storage continues to work
  • Optional: Add tests that check that there are no direct HQL/Hibernate queries in the core


Developer profile


  • Strong java skills
  • Familiar with databases and queries
  • Good OOP and Design Patterns knowledge


  • Familiar with Hibernate and JCR
  • Familiar with the XWiki platform
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2008/03/05 20:47

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