RedPen Integration

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

2 months


The idea is to be able to integrate RedPen inside XWiki. RedPen is checkstyle for documentation. See this presentation to know more about it.

There are several integrations possible with XWiki that we could imagine:

  • As an XWiki extension that can be installed in an XWiki instance and that would validate the content written when pressing the "save" button, allowing the reader to review the errors and either confirm the save or go back to editing and fixing the problems.
  • As an XWiki extension that can be executed inside the wiki to validate several pages (this should be done in a Job with a progress bar)
  • As a plugin inside RedPen to support the XWiki Syntax. This could be mandatory required for the previous 2 integrations since pages are saved in Wiki format (when you press save in the WYSIWYG editor the content is transformed to wiki syntax). However we could also imagine that the RedPen integration would take the page content and render it using the plain text renderer and then execute the check on that content too.

An even better integration would be the ability to run RedPen on the fly as user types content but I don't know if RedPen allows for this.

Developer profile
  • Good JS/CSS/HTML knowledge
  • Java knowledge is a plus since this project will require writing some Event Listener in java




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