Project name
Review Application
Estimated workload
2 man month

While in the wiki way anybody is free to update a document, sometimes feedback should be given on a read-only document, in the form of a review.

Basically, a review is a positioned comment. In Review mode, the user can click on a spot in the document to add comments, highlight text, delete text, insert text, with an interface like the one in Adobe Acrobat Professional. We need to find a way for the reviewed data to be anchored, so that later edits won't mess all the reviews.

The review interface can be shown in cumulative or standalone mode, which means that previous reviews can be also be displayed to another reviewer or not.

Reviews can be private (only the document author can view the reviews) or public.

The author can then view such a review (or all of them together) and:

  • easily apply "delete" and "insert" changes with one click
  • easily remove the comments and highlights
  • while being able to also edit the document.

See also: Review Application in SPAWN.



Developer profile


  • Familiar with Web Technologies (JavaScript, CSS, XHTML) OR with GWT.
  • Familiar with Java


  • Interface Design
  • Familiar with the XWiki API and Data Model
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2008/03/21 16:10

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