Subject: [GSoC] Reminder: Second evaluation deadline on DDth of July 16:00 UTC (W weeks)
To: Devs list and individual student emails

This email is to be sent on the list and to individual student emails once the 2nd evaluations period is starting.

Hello, GSoC students and mentors.

Quick reminder about the 2nd evaluation that is quickly coming up [1]:

  July DD 16:00 UTC  Mentors and students can begin submitting Phase 2 evaluations
  July DD 16:00 UTC  Phase 2 Evaluation deadline

Same as last time, make sure you are clear on the expectations and *do not forget to fill in your evaluations* when asked by Google.

You should be quite far now into your projects and things should have already begun taking shape. Don't be shy in sharing your progress emoticon_wink

As always, have fun and build cool stuff!

-The XWiki Development Team


Created by Eduard Moraru on 2018/08/20 11:34

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