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This message is to be sent on the forum before the second evaluation period starts.
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Title: Reminder: Second evaluation deadline on <date> (in W weeks)
Category: Development
Tags: gsoc

Hello, GSoC students and mentors.

I would like to remind you that the **second evaluation** deadline is approaching at the end of next week. Below is an extract from the [timeline](

    July 27 18:00 UTC Mentors and students can begin submitting Phase 2 evaluations
    July 31 18:00 UTC Phase 2 Evaluation deadline

Same as last time:
* make sure you are clear on the **expectations**,
* make sure you get to **release** a new version of your project that includes the work you have done so far and
* do not forget to **fill in your evaluations** when asked by Google.

You should be quite far now into your projects and things should have already begun taking shape. Don't be shy in sharing your progress ;)

As always, have fun and build cool stuff!

-The XWiki Development Team

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