Student Evaluation Feedback Templates

Last modified by Eduard Moraru on 2020/07/31 17:45

Some useful templates for replies to offer as feedback in student evaluations:

Fail Feedback

Dear <student first name>,

Unfortunately, with regards to the spirit and purpose of the Google Summer of Code program, we have decided to not pass your <Xst/Xth/Xnd> evaluation. We really value the fact that you've chosen XWiki and would be really glad if you decided to continue your project outside of GSoC. We would continue to be available to help and guide you in finishing your work and hopefully even making you more a part of the XWiki community. Of course, you would be more than welcomed to try again next year, specially if you show more interest in XWiki until then.

A few words for closure and explanation of our decision:

<Specific feedback about the student's progress in relationship with our expectations that were communicated to them at the start of and during the program>

We hope this reply was useful to you and feel free to ask us anything.

All the best!

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