XEclipse editors improvement

Last modified by Eduard Moraru on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

3 months


XEclipse is an Eclipse plug-in that allows the user to edit, view, save or delete XWiki pages directly from within the Eclipse IDE. 

The current XEclipse version is unmaintained and has several limitations. Editors have syntax-highlighting but they are not in sync with the current evolutions of XWiki and they do not reuse code from the XWiki codebase for implementing their features.

This project aims at improving content editors (documents, scripts and objects) starting from a correct support for XWiki syntaxes (and scripting fragments). In particular:

  • Integration of the existing parsers that are used in XWiki for parsing content (see http://rendering.xwiki.org)
  • Move from a static and hardcoded API definition to a dynamic one that queries the (velocity, groovy, etc.) APIs from the server and caches it locally.
  • Object editor improvements
Developer profile


  • Fluent Java
  • Good knowledge of SWT and the Eclipse platform

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of the XWiki syntaxes and APIs
  • Basic knowledge of Velocity, JavaScript and HTML
  • Basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol and REST




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