Project name
XOO - XWiki integration with OpenOffice
  • Florin Ciubotaru & Asiri Rathnayake
    Florin Ciubotaru & Asiri Rathnayake
    Florin Ciubotaru & Asiri Rathnayake dev
Estimated workload
3 months
XWord is an extension for MS Office, which allows users to browse, create and edit wiki documents, or upload and download attachments, all from inside MS Word. Although inside enterprises MS Office is still the most used Office suite, people from the Open Source community have been asking for an equivalent product built for the OpenOffice suite.

Given that the two products are using different technologies (XWord is written using .NET/C#, while XOO must be written using C++ or Java), this project needs to be written from scratch, but making use of the experience gained from writing XWord.

The main features of XOO would be:

  • A wizard for connecting to an XWiki server
  • A navigation panel for browsing the documents inside the wiki
  • Downloading and uploading attachments
  • Editing attachments supported by OpenOffice
  • Editing wiki documents in OOWriter
  • Creating new documents
Developer profile
  • Java or C++ experience
  • Some knowledge about OpenOffice architecture and development
  • Commitment and passion for maintaining a product
  • Fast learner
Nice to have:
  • Experience with the XWiki data model and API
  • Previous experience with writing OpenOffice plugins
  • Experience with REST or XmlRpc
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2009/03/21 10:21

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