Estimated workload
3 month

Create a set of HTML/Ajax Gadgets to show the most important information of and XWiki Instance. The objective of these gadgets would be to allow information from an XWiki instance to be integrated in external tools (Social Networking tools like elgg, yammer or others or Portals using IFRAMES, OpenSocial Compatible Tools)

A directory of gadgets should be available listing the available gadgets and provide the URL and/or HTML/JS code to paste into another application to integrate XWiki in this application. Basic OpenSocial compatibility should be part of the project.

There should be a way to support authentication in the gadget.

Possible integration would be:

  • Activity Stream
  • Latest comments
  • Specific Wiki page
  • Any panel/macro/dashboard elements


Developer profile

HTML/JS developer with knowledge of other tools



Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2012/03/04 11:34

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