Organization Application Form

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This document is to be updated each year with the information asked by Google. If some sections are no longer asked, they should be kept commented at the end of the page.


Open source organization information

Open source organization's email address

 This email address is used for contacting your open source organization about Season of Docs and is published on the Season of Docs website. It is used by the Google program administrators and technical writer participants to contact your organization. You are strongly advised not to use a personal email address as the email address for contacting your open source organization.

[email protected]

Open source project name

 Enter the name of the open source project that is participating in the Season of Docs.


Link to the open source project

 Enter the URL of your open source website or repository.

Open source project description

 This description is published on the Season of Docs website.

XWiki offers a generic web platform for developing collaborative applications using the wiki paradigm, allowing customization through a vast collection of extensions.

Link to your organization’s page about Season of Docs

 If your organization has a web page or blog post dedicated to Season of Docs, enter the URL here. You can supply this link later too.

Organization's previous experience

What previous experience has your organization had in documentation or collaborating with technical writers?

 If you or any of your mentors have worked with technical writers before, or have developed documentation, mention this in your answer. Describe the documentation that you produced and the ways in which you worked with the technical writer. For example, describe any review processes that you used, or how the technical writer's skills were useful to your project. Explain how this previous experience may help you to work with a technical writer in Season of Docs.

The organization does not really have any formal experience working with technical documentation writers but all their members contributed to which contains a lot of documentation and XWiki itself, as a wiki, is used a lot as a documentation platform by many organizations.

The project has processes and tooling to ensure documentation is written for every new feature or improvement (and that releases notes summarize it well). But while this add a lot of content it does not do much for the organization of this content and it can be hard to find what you are searching for sometimes. It also tend to be mainly low level easy to maintain documentation and there is not as much easy entry points like videos and tutorials as users would like to see.

Some of our mentors also have experience writing academic articles and participate on peer-review processes as part in the context of research.

What previous experience has your organization had mentoring individuals?

 If you or any of your mentors have taken part in Google Summer of Code or a similar program that mentors individuals, mention this in your answer. Describe your achievements in that program. Explain how this experience may influence the way you work in Season of Docs.

XWiki organization has been mentoring students for Google Summer of Code since 2005 and more recently for Google Code-in. Every Summer of Code that we have participated so far has had an amazing impact on XWiki. It not only helped our project by providing some much needed manpower and enthusiasm during the summer, but also by increasing the number of long-term contributors.

Working with technical writers is definitely new to us as a organization but we can count on our long experience and tooling we implemented over the years to manage mentoring and help newcomers grasp XWiki many aspects and concepts and make them even better !

Mentoring capacity

 Your organization must have at least two open source mentors for each technical writing project/technical writer that you plan to accept for this year's Season of Docs. You need the mentors to help during the technical writer exploration and application phases, as well as during doc development.

 Season of Docs 2019 plans to allocate one or two technical writers per organization. Your request for one or two technical writers won't affect whether we choose your organization, but we need to know how many technical writers your organization wants to mentor so that we can accept the correct number of organizations to fill all the available technical writing slots.

 Mentors who are not also organization administrators must register independently.


How many technical writers does your organization want to mentor this year?


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