Organization Admin Guide

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This page should be the entry point for an Organization Admin with steps to take and available reusable resources.

Update and/or submit

 Period  Action/Resource
 New GSoD edition announced  Create a copy of the Ideas page from last year, suffix it with the last year and link it to the default ideas page in the "Previous GSoD editions" section.
 Before organization registration  Update the Ideas page, ask mentors to add new projects or revive un-selected projects from previous editions.
 Before organization registration  Mail announcing XWiki's application and call for action from the community
 Organization registration  Organization application form
 Organization registration  Organization profile form
 If organization is accepted  Mail announcing XWiki is accepted
 If organization is accepted  Blog post announcing XWiki is accepted. Example from previous years
 After student application deadline has past  Filter out spam proposals (by ignoring them) and create a spreadsheet for mentors to vote the valid proposals (copy this template and share the new doc with the mentors so they can vote).
 After student proposals are accepted and publicly announced  Mark as "selected" the proposals on the ideas list page and uncomment the "Selected Projects" section.
 Start of Community Bonding  Welcome mail for accepted writers
 Org Payment Formalities  Payment request form for the money offered by Google to the org for each project and for the Mentor Summit travel expenses. (needs admin rights to view)

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