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1 This page contains the organization and result of the Hackathon 2013.
3 Thread on the list:
5 = Details =
7 * Start date: 17th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the start
8 * End date: 25th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the end
9 * Gathering results: from 29th to 6th of August. Everyone who participated should reply to the end of hackathon mail with what they did and post their stuff on or elsewhere
10 * On around the 6th of August we'll have a blog post written on summarizing all that was done by everyone
12 = Rewards =
14 * Blog post with results and names of all participants
15 * XWiki T-shirt
16 * Post your result on the [[Extension Wiki>>extensions:Extension.WebHome]] for everyone to be able to see and install them in your XWiki instance
18 = Selected Topics =
20 |=Topic|=Members|=Status
21 |Next level syntax highlighting and auto completion|Vincent, Edy|Published: [[AutoCompletion App>>extensions:Extension.AutoCompletion Application]], [[Syntax Highlighting App>>extensions:Extension.Syntax Highlighting Application]]
22 |Gather and search all XWiki logs [[using logstash, redis, elastic search and kibana>>]]|Vincent & Guillaume Fenollar|[[Available for (protected)>>]]
23 |Multipage Export based on [[Wiki Collections>>doc:dev:GoogleSummerOfCode.WikiCollections]]|[[Raluca>>xwiki:XWiki.rstavro]], [[Marius>>xwiki:XWiki.mflorea]]|Published as [[Collection Application>>doc:extensions:Extension.Collection Application]]
24 |Admin Tools refactoring|Guillaume Fenollar|[[Branch 4.0 created and released soon>>]]\\
25 |XEclipse syntax coloring, collapse, indentation for velocity,groovy,xwiki2.0 syntax|Ludovic, Fabio|Added groovy syntax coloring, Integrated XWiki+Velocity parser which will allow more features, added Cold Folding UI for XWiki Macros+Velocity foreach/if/macro, basic velocity indentation implemented, more work needed for groovy parser for groovy code folding, commited on contrib, release coming\\
26 |Clojure macro and Clojure REPL |Fabio, Caleb|Repl [[Published>>extensions:Extension.REPL Console Application]]\\
27 |Manage all languages of a translation in one page|Florian, Nicolas|In progress, specifications done
28 |JSON renderer (get a full model of the document wiki content as JSON to make easier to manipulate it in Javascript)|[[Thomas Mortagne>>xwiki:XWiki.ThomasMortagne]]|\\
29 |Exploration of the Atmosphere Realtime Client/Server Framework|Denis|Currently the build fail for an obscur maven issue.\\
30 | (Created wiki, Created Feature and Iteration classes)|GuillaumeD, Caty|\\
31 |Publish / Unpublish by date|Edo Beutler, Fabian Pichler|[[Publish Unpublish>>extensions:Extension.PublishUnpublish]]\\
32 |Upgrade xwiki-platform-chat to the lastest stable|Denis|[[Published>>]]\\
33 |Timeline, using jQuery|Benjamin, Flavius, Nicolas, Max|[[Published>>extensions:Extension.jQuery Timeline]]
35 = Ideas =
37 See [[ideas from 2012>>Hackathon2012.WebHome]].
39 Ideas that were suggested:
41 * Install and configure logstash + elasticsearch + kibana to be able to view/search/filter XWiki logs. Would be useful to have for example on,, See [[this blog post>>]]. IMO a nice hackathon for the platform team ;) (or for me if I don't take the autocomplete/syntax completion one).
42 * Add ideas here

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