XWiki Hackathon 2013

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This page contains the organization and result of the Hackathon 2013.

Thread on the list: http://xwiki.markmail.org/thread/3nra7ug7ynxx7qc5


  • Start date: 17th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the start
  • End date: 25th of July. A mail will be posted on this day to announce the end
  • Gathering results: from 29th to 6th of August. Everyone who participated should reply to the end of hackathon mail with what they did and post their stuff on http://extensions.xwiki.org or elsewhere
  • On around the 6th of August we'll have a blog post written on xwiki.org summarizing all that was done by everyone


  • Blog post with results and names of all participants
  • XWiki T-shirt
  • Post your result on the Extension Wiki for everyone to be able to see and install them in your XWiki instance

Selected Topics

Next level syntax highlighting and auto completionVincent, EdyPublished: AutoCompletion App, Syntax Highlighting App
Gather and search all XWiki logs using logstash, redis, elastic search and kibanaVincent & Guillaume FenollarAvailable for xwiki.org (protected)
Multipage Export based on Wiki CollectionsRaluca, MariusPublished as Collection Application
Admin Tools refactoringGuillaume FenollarBranch 4.0 created and released soon
XEclipse syntax coloring, collapse, indentation for velocity,groovy,xwiki2.0 syntaxLudovic, FabioAdded groovy syntax coloring, Integrated XWiki+Velocity parser which will allow more features, added Cold Folding UI for XWiki Macros+Velocity foreach/if/macro, basic velocity indentation implemented, more work needed for groovy parser for groovy code folding, commited on contrib  https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/xwiki-eclipse, release coming
Clojure macro and Clojure REPL Fabio, CalebRepl Published
Manage all languages of a translation in one pageFlorian, NicolasIn progress, specifications done
JSON renderer (get a full model of the document wiki content as JSON to make easier to manipulate it in Javascript)Thomas Mortagnehttps://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XRENDERING-304
Exploration of the Atmosphere Realtime Client/Server FrameworkDenisCurrently the build fail for an obscur maven issue.
design.xwiki.org (Created wiki, Created Feature and Iteration classes)GuillaumeD, Catyhttp://design.xwiki.org
Publish / Unpublish by dateEdo Beutler, Fabian PichlerPublish Unpublish
Upgrade xwiki-platform-chat to the lastest stableDenisPublished
Timeline, using jQueryBenjamin, Flavius, Nicolas, MaxPublished


See ideas from 2012.

Ideas that were suggested:

  • Install and configure logstash + elasticsearch + kibana to be able to view/search/filter XWiki logs. Would be useful to have for example on xwiki.org, myxwiki.org, See this blog post. IMO a nice hackathon for the platform team emoticon_wink (or for me if I don't take the autocomplete/syntax completion one).
  • Add ideas here

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