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08:29 <vmassol> good morning
08:30 <vmassol> we need to release 4.1.3 today
08:30 <vmassol> we don't have any blocker open AFAIK
08:31 <vmassol> AndreasJonsson: good morning
08:31 <vmassol> I've noticed 2 issues in the chart macro
08:31 <vmassol> 1) ChartMacroParameters (public) uses internal DataSource
08:31 <vmassol> 2) The DataSource interface (internal) not nice, since one need to call method before another one!!
08:32 <vmassol> are you planning to fix this?
08:32 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * rc5124f6 / (47 files in 12 dirs): [Misc] Move Chart macro sources under one package (was under 2 different packages) -
08:32 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * rb874daf / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/web/ : [Misc] Added javadoc -
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09:11 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * ra49cc4a / xwiki-platform-core/pom.xml : XWIKI-8011: When saving a wiki macro document the author of the macro should be used to check right instead of the current user -
09:14 <vmassol> AndreasJonsson: ping
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09:36 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * rcf55726 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-chart/xwiki-platform-chart-macro/src/main/java/org/xwiki/rendering/internal/macro/chart/source/ : Fix header -
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12:11 <CIA-114> tmortagne feature-extensiondistribution * r74cd304 / (3 files in 3 dirs): XCOMMONS-202: Find a way to have the war in the core extension list (+9 more commits...) -
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13:27 <vmassol> hello
13:27 <vmassol> is there anyone who would have the time to perform the 4.1.3 release today?
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13:31 <vmassol> it's important we release it asap
14:39 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * r8e3c406 / (5 files): XCOMMONS-214: Make it easier to register mock components from within Test suites -
14:40 <vmassol> devs, in case you haven't noticed it yet, this can be useful to you when writing integration tests:
14:50 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * r8188677 / xwiki-commons-core/xwiki-commons-test/src/main/java/org/xwiki/test/ : XCOMMONS-214: Make it easier to register mock components from within Test suites -
15:08 <vmassol> cjd: ping
15:08 <vmassol> cjd: I continue to find it very disturbing that getting the temporary directory requires the permanent directory… that's really wrong from my pov
15:09 <vmassol> we should be able to not have a perm directory at all in commons
15:09 <vmassol> as a consquence almost all our tests using the temp dir generate this:
15:10 <vmassol> 15:06:42.159 [main] WARN  o.x.e.internal.StandardEnvironment - No permanent directory configured. Using temporary directory [/var/folders/v9/_395qc791vz23qdwyptvs06m0000gn/T/].
15:10 <vmassol> could you fix it?
15:10 <vmassol> I'm loathe to modify all our unit tests to set the perm dir when the test and the code under tests don't need it!
15:30 <+AndreasJonsson> vmassol:  I plan to work a bit more on the ChartMacro, and I will take your comments into account.
15:30 <vmassol> AndreasJonsson: i'm about to commit stuff in a few minutes
15:30 <vmassol> I've fixed a few things
15:30 <+AndreasJonsson> No, problems.
15:30 <vmassol> re the image unique id I was wrong
15:31 <vmassol> there's no hashcode method in ChartMacroParameters
15:31 <vmassol> thus hashcode always return a different value
15:31 <vmassol> even for chart macros in the same page
15:31 <vmassol> and we cannot really cache the images for a longer duration
15:31 <vmassol> (since their behavior can be scripted)
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16:17 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * re19a83d / (28 files in 13 dirs): XWIKI-8012: Replace usage of Charting action in the Chart Macro by Temporary action -
16:17 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * rbe1052f / pom.xml : XWIKI-8012: Replace usage of Charting action in the Chart Macro by Temporary action -
16:19 <vmassol> AndreasJonsson: done, would be good if you check what I've modified
16:23 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * r64c2869 / xwiki-enterprise-database/pom.xml : Generate WikiMacro classes -
16:24 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * r41221d2 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-8012: Replace usage of Charting action in the Chart Macro by Temporary action -
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16:36 <D-Spair> Hello all... I was looking through Google and to see if there is a known issue with the adding of tags on Google Chrome...
16:36 <D-Spair> I keep having the page freeze up on me and have to kill the browser tab.
16:36 <CIA-114> tmortagne feature-extensiondistribution * r4849f82 / (7 files in 3 dirs): XWIKI-7896: Display a global install/upgrade wizard when starting an new version of an XWiki instance (+18 more commits...) -
16:36 <D-Spair> Anyone aware of this issue?
16:37 <vmassol> I've noticed this too a few months ago
16:37 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * re592202 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/ : XWIKI-8013: ApplicationReadyEvent event is sent before XWikiStubContextProvider is initialized -
16:37 <vmassol> but I haven't raised any issue about at the time and I don't recall any existing issue
16:38 <vmassol> feel free to create a jira issue with the max information to reproduce
16:38 <vmassol> (D-Spair)
16:38 <D-Spair> vmassol:  OK, will do.
16:39 <+sburjan`> works for me on and Chrome 20
16:40 <vmassol> sburjan`: it was working for me too
16:40 <vmassol> but not all the time
16:40 <vmassol> it was under some conditions
16:41 <D-Spair> vmassol:  What "component" should it be listed under? I'm pretty certain it's either a JavaScript error or an AJAX error.
16:41 <vmassol> D-Spair: web & templates
16:42 <vmassol> s/web & templates/web/
16:42 <D-Spair> vmassol:  JIRA says that is not a valid "component".
16:42 <D-Spair> vmassol:  "Web" turns up nothing in the form.
16:42 <vmassol> XWIKI project
16:43 <D-Spair> Gotcha, thanks!
16:44 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * r42f8574 / (9 files in 7 dirs): Merge branch 'feature-extensiondistribution' (+6 more commits...) -
16:48 <D-Spair>
16:49 <vmassol> thanks
16:52 <D-Spair> Thank you! I'd have to use something else for documentation if XWiki didn't exist, and I REALLY like xwiki.
16:54 <vmassol> D-Spair: cool :) Do we have a testimonial from you on ? ;)
16:54 <vmassol> actually I can reuse the one you've just sent ;)
16:55 <vmassol> done :)
16:56 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * ra13a207 / xwiki-commons-core/xwiki-commons-test/src/main/java/org/xwiki/test/ : XCOMMONS-214: Make it easier to register mock components from within Test suites -
16:56 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * r0b3a4cb / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-dashboard/xwiki-platform-dashboard-macro/src/test/java/org/xwiki/rendering/macro/dashboard/ : XCOMMONS-214: Make it easier to register mock components from within Test suites -
16:57 <D-Spair> vmassol:  I can do better than that little snippet... Gimme a few minutes.
16:58 <vmassol> hehe
17:00 <D-Spair> OK, there... That's a little better.
17:01 <vmassol> indeed nicer
17:01 <vmassol> fixing quote
17:24 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * r5fd745a / (11 files in 10 dirs): XCOMMONS-214: Make it easier to register mock components from within Test suites -
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17:41 <@cjd> hi vmassol, I didn't realize the getting the permanent dir to get the temp dir bothered you, it is actually just for a tiny "safty feature" which Denis suggested to stop the admin if he configures the permanent directory to be inside of the delete-on-startup part of the temp dir.
17:41 <@cjd> It's quite trivial to fix just by removing that check and the check doesn't offer much since there are many many ways to break a system.
17:42 <vmassol> cjd: I don't know about you or others but I have a strong feeling there's a SOC issue here
17:42 <@cjd> SOC?
17:42 <vmassol> (it's more than feelings actually ;))
17:42 <vmassol> Separation Of Concern
17:43 <vmassol>
17:43 <vmassol> it's a pompous way of saying that tmp dir and perm dir should be separate notions as much as possible
17:44 <vmassol> :)
17:44 <@cjd> yes, I don't really see a serious issue since they're both handled in the same module anyway but the warnings in tests are not that great and the offending code offers almost nothing.
17:44 <vmassol> if you agree, cool :)
17:45 <@cjd> So no big deal to change it at my end, it's actually just deleting 14 lines.
17:45 <vmassol> guys any idea with compilation fails here:
17:45 <vmassol> it builds fine locally
17:46 <vmassol> apparently it's the Map in                 allowing(mockSsfx).use(with("uicomponents/container/columns.css"), with(any(Map.class)));
17:47 <vmassol> why would unchecked conversion make the compiler fail now?
17:48 <vmassol> I guess I can use the annotation to remove the check but I don't understand why our compiler fails now
17:48 <Denis1> vmassol, cjd: what is offending ?
17:49 <@cjd> The check to see if the admin has put the permanent dir inside of the temp dir means loading the permanent dir when the temp dir is loaded.
17:49 <@cjd> This causes a warning in tests where the permanent dir is not set
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17:50 <@cjd> I'm for axing the check since it offers basicly nothing in terms of safety, there are so many interesting ways for an admin to break their system, we're not really helping.
17:51 <vmassol> the main issue is that getting the temporary dir shouldn't ask for the perm dir to be set
17:51 <vmassol> that's plain wrong to me
17:52 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * rc9dec41 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-dashboard/xwiki-platform-dashboard-macro/src/test/java/org/xwiki/rendering/macro/dashboard/ : [Misc] Trying to stop compiler from complaining -
17:53 <+Denis> I agree, but what afraid me initially is that older configuration does not make a clear distinction between permanent and non-permanent stuff
17:54 <+Denis> since now permanent may contains really critical stuff like attachemment storage, what we should really prevent, is to have an issue that delete the permanent data while we were trying to clean the temporary one
17:57 <@cjd> Denis: if you set the temp dir and permanent dir to the same location, you won't have the problem
17:57 <@cjd> only if you set the permanent dir to /your/temp/dir/xwiki-temp/
17:57 <@cjd> xwiki-temp is a magic word for the subdirectory which is deleted on start
17:58 <CIA-114> Vincent Massol master * rec6492a / (81 files in 9 dirs): XWIKI-8016: Remove the Chart plugin -
17:58 <+Denis> what happen for old configuration use work in xwiki.cfg, and nothing in for example ?
17:59 <@cjd> it will make it's own decision which will be sane
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18:07 <+Denis> if we 100% sure all decision will be sane, I have nothing to add
18:09 <vmassol> Denis: the only thing I'm 100% sure off is that forcing to have a perm dir when getting the tmp dir is wrong… :)
18:09 <vmassol> bbiab
18:14 <+Denis> well, I have never request that
18:25 <CIA-114> tmortagne feature-extensiondistribution * r2cddf7b / (3 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7896: Display a global install/upgrade wizard when starting an new version of an XWiki instance -
18:25 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * r8278ec1 / xwiki-platform-core/pom.xml : XWIKI-8017: Upgrade to JGroups 3.1.0 -
18:34 <+tmortagne> vmassol: another unchecked build failure on platform I cannot reproduce locally and it's not new code so something changed on agent-2 if not all jenkins
18:35 <+tmortagne> there is absolutely no reason for it to get an error instead of a warning
18:35 <+tmortagne> it's like java compiler had a weird setup on errors/warnings
18:36 <+tmortagne> yours was on agent-1 so I guess it's all jenkins for some reason
18:37 <vmassol> tmortagne: yeah it beats me too
18:38 <+tmortagne> what weird is that it build a lot of stuff before failing and I'm sure there is the exact same situation in the stuff it built before failing
18:39 <+tmortagne> it's not like it was something rare
18:41 <+tmortagne> I can see the same things but printed as warning in previous projects
18:41 <+tmortagne> in
18:41 <+tmortagne> (not the same classes but same use case)
18:45 <CIA-114> tmortagne master * r95b2f3f / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-script/src/main/java/org/xwiki/extension/script/internal/safe/ : XCOMMONS-202: Find a way to have the war in the core extension list -
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19:55 <vmassol> guys do you see the image nicely or is it all pinky?
19:55 <evalica1> it's pinky
19:55 <vmassol> strange because when I view the attachments it's ok
19:56 <evalica1> same
19:56 <vmassol> so it's the resize algo
19:56 <vmassol> which isn't performant on jpg maybe
19:57 <vmassol> trying png
19:57 <evalica1> I guess since removing ?width fixes it
19:58 <vmassol> but we don't want that :)
19:58 <vmassol> it's good for me now
19:59 <evalica1> yes - it's ok
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20:25 <polx> Hello XWiki experts, could anyone suggest me a component that could be used to display "alerts" ?
20:25 <evalica1> what about the {{warning}} macro
20:25 <evalica1> ?
20:25 <polx> I'm thinking of alerts posted to a user's session in the background and displayed to the user anytime he is ready.
20:25 <evalica1> or notifications mechanism
20:26 <polx> As far as I could read the notifications mechanism is the WatchList... or have I badly read?
20:26 <polx> One use case could be the request to upgrade the profile in some way.
20:26 <polx> Another could be a request to join a network.
20:26 <evalica1>
20:28 <polx> Interesting.
20:29 <polx> But this is triggered by a javascript call, itself probably by rendering, correct?
20:29 <evalica1> don't know :) .. it's javascript all right, I don't think the rendering is involved
20:30 <polx> I meant... it's js so it's triggered by an in-page JS.
20:31 <evalica1> never used them … I know they exist. The notifications are bundled by default. They are used in the Save page mechanism, etc. I don't think is an in-page JS, maybe they are called from xwiki.js - but don't know for sure
20:31 <polx> Fine. Thanks.
20:32 <polx> I think the back-end is missing to me... when it is filed into the session... how are they prioritized to be displayed.
20:32 <evalica1> not in xwiki.js .. they have their on notifications.js
20:32 <evalica1> *own
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