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2 This page should be the entry point for an Organization Admin with steps to take and available reusable resources.
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5 == Update and/or submit ==
7 |=Period|=Action/Resource
8 |New GSoC edition announced|Create a copy of the [[Ideas page>>WebHome]] from last year, suffix it with the last year and link it to the default ideas page in the "Previous GSoC editions" section.
9 |Before organization registration|Update the [[Ideas page>>WebHome]], ask mentors to add new projects or revive un-selected projects from previous editions.
10 |Before organization registration|[[Forum post announcing XWiki's application and call for action from the community>>AnnouncingApplicationAndCallForActionMail]]
11 |Organization registration|[[Student application form>>student application form]]
12 |Organization registration|[[Organization application form>>OrganizationApplicationForm]]
13 |Organization registration|[[Organization profile form>>OrganizationProfileForm]]
14 |If organization is accepted|[[Forum post announcing XWiki is accepted>>AnnouncingXWikiOrganizationAcceptedMail]]
15 |If organization is accepted|Blog post announcing XWiki is accepted. [[Example from previous years>>xwiki:Blog.XWiki is participating in Google Summer of Code 2016]]
16 |After student application deadline has past|Filter out spam proposals (by ignoring them) and create a spreadsheet for mentors to vote the valid proposals ([[copy this template and share the new doc with the mentors so they can vote>>]]).
17 |After student proposals are accepted and publicly announced|Mark as "selected" the proposals on the ideas list page and uncomment the "Selected Projects" section.
18 |Start of Community Bonding|[[Welcome Forum Post>>WelcomeMail]] for accepted students
19 |Start of Coding|[[Coding Period Forum Post>>CodingPeriodMail]]
20 |--[Old] Start of the Mid-Term evaluation--|--[[Mid-Term Evaluation Reminder Mail>>MidTermEvaluationReminderMail]]--
21 |Before the start of the 1st evaluation|[[First Evaluation Reminder Forum Post>>FirstEvaluationReminderMail]]
22 |Before the start of the 2nd evaluation|[[Second Evaluation Deadline Reminder Mail>>SecondEvaluationDeadlineReminderMail]]
23 |Before the start of the final evaluation|[[Final Evaluation Deadline Reminder Mail>>FinalEvaluationDeadlineReminderMail]]
24 |After program end and successful students are publicly announced|[[End Of Program Mail>>EndOfProgramMail]]
25 |Org Payment Formalities|[[Payment request form>>PaymentRequestForm]] for the money offered by Google to the org for each project and for the Mentor Summit travel expenses. (needs admin rights to view)
27 == Additional Resources ==
29 * [[Lessons Learned>>LessonsLearned]] by XWiki the previous years
30 * [[Mentor Summit Participation>>MentorSummitParticipation]] list with all XWiki members that attended previous years
31 * [[GSoC Roles and Responsibilities>>]]
32 * [[GSoC Guides for Students and Mentors>>]]
33 * The almighty [[timeline>>]]

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